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Amie Boulton

Back in October of 2015 I was invited to take part in a last minute shoot in Torquay with the amazing Amie Boulton and fellow photographer, Eleanor Stobbart.

It was a murky, freezing cold day and at this stage I was pretty new to portrait photography.  I wasn’t holding out much hope for getting decent images, but figured it’d be a great opportunity to learn from two people I admired.  Both Eleanor and Amie are super friendly and easy going and within 5 minutes of sitting down with our pre-shoot coffees we were laughing away and I knew we’d have a great day.

First location was Torquay Pier, which is a really cool structure.  On such a cold day out of season, it was really quiet so we could shoot away without any distractions.  For our second location we spotted some lobster pots around the harbour.  These easily turned into my favourite images of the day.  The colour and textures here were unreal.  The final location was a little rocky cove we found around the back of Living Coast.  We shot here until it got dark and poor Amie was shaking.  That was followed up by some good old fish and chips in order to refuel and warm up!

Here’s a bunch of my images from the shoot.  Amie is amazing and if you’re looking for a stunning fashion model then I highly recommend her.

PS.  Big thanks to Steven Chapman for his reflector bouncing skills!


The Climber

This has to be about the fastest time that something I’ve seen or photographed has been edited and turned into a blog post.  I’d like a ‘Well Done’ sticker please.  Or maybe some house points.

A few weeks ago I was asked by a friend to take some portrait shots of her whilst climbing, a passion of hers.  I happily agreed, because, well, I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot because there were two things I failed to consider properly.

Worry One:

This friend happens to be a talented photographer with far more experience than I have.  The pressure to deliver was on!  You can see what I’m talking about by visiting Natalie’s website at Little Pumpkins Photography.

Worry Two:

I wasn’t the only photographer.  Joining us on the shoot was Eleanor from Eleanor Stobbart Photography and Paul from I-R Paulus. Two gifted photographers with great eyes and natural flair.   You should definitely check out their work, they’re both lovely people but it sure made me nervous as I’m not nearly as good as either of them!

So, the day came.  We headed out in bright sunshine (sarcastic hooray!) to Meadfoot Beach in Torquay where we could make the most of some rocks with a coastal backdrop.  In the end we had loads of fun followed by a big plate of fish and chips. Which as you’ll know, is ultimately the most important thing possible.

As for my pics?  You can make your own mind up …

Kirsty Morris in Plymouth

So … it was my intention to ensure that 2016 has at a minimum 1 post a month.  Well, January has been and gone … and no post! Perhaps I can make up for it with a double post in February?  Bear with me, please …

Back in July I was offered the opportunity to spend a day on a natural light shoot in Plymouth.  The session was put on by Devon Photography Training and involved a few hours working in a small group.  Our model for the day was the amazing Kirsty Morris.

The weather was pretty terrible (typical English Summer!) so we were confined to working undercover for the majority of the time.  Fortunately Gemma who organised the day had plenty of ideas on where to go and we all had an ace time.  If you’re in Devon or Cornwall and you want to learn more about this kind of thing I really can’t recommend Devon Photography Training enough.  Likewise, if you have the opportunity to shoot with Kirsty just take it.  She’s awesome!

East Prawle Ramblings

I find myself anxious to write a blog post so that I can say I published something in December and at least see the year out on a positive note.  When 2016 comes it’s a blog post a month and I’m determined to finally work on my travel photos.

Where to start though?  Well, these shots have been sat on my hard drive since late August and as they were only taken with a point and shoot (a compact Fuji) I figured this would be a pretty quick post to write.

As summer was drawing to a close I headed down to East Prawle with the annual Moretonhampstead Ramblers Club Coastal Path Walk.  I’m usually the youngest by at least a good 20 years but it’s always a fun day out (and the real draw of the day is fish at chips in the evening at my most favourite spot in Devon – The Start Bay Inn!).

As I say, these are barely edited grab shots but I hope they give you a taste of this spectacular piece of coastline.  If you’re yet to visit I encourage you do so as soon as you can.  The South West Coast Path is a truly awesome thing for us to have.

Chiara Elisabetta

Those people who know me will know that I’ve a developing interest in portrait photography.  Those people who only know me from this blog will have no idea of this as I’m useless at regularly posting!

Back at the end of September I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Chiara Eisabetta at a Norwegian styled lodge just outside of Exeter.  Chiara is pretty much Purple Port Royalty in my mind.  She’s beautiful and is exceptionally experienced and talented both sides of the camera.  It’s fair to say I was utterly terrified in the run up the shoot.

Fortunately for me, Chiara is a kind and generous person and happily shared her knowledge and experience with me, not judging my own lack of experience once.  The hours flew by and I had a great time.  Here’s a selection of images from the shoot.

Please note – a couple are not safe for work!

The Bluebell Park

Spring is my most favourite time of year.  Growing up in the countryside you’re acutely aware of it.  The birds start to sing, the hedgerows come to life and trees start to leaf.  Days become longer and you feel happy to be alive.

One of the most beautiful sights in England are the bluebell fields and woodlands and we’re blessed with them here in Devon.  My most favourite location is just a few minutes from the office and every year I spend a couple of evenings strolling around and enjoying the scene (usually I have it to myself).

We’re nearly there again this year – and so I thought it was high time I shared last years photos (heaven knows why it’s taken me so long to process) – so here they are, spring time (2014) in Devon.

PS.  Hoping to actually do a portrait shoot here this year – that will be exciting!

One Evening a Month …

I don’t really do New Year resolutions, but this year one of the thoughts I had was that I’d try to continue with the latter half of past year and ensure I upload at least one post a month.  Today is the 31st January so I’m already cutting it fine! The other “resolution” is to learn how to drop in on a skateboard (I think I might need professional coaching). It would also be quite nice to kiss a girl (seriously, it’s been years!) but perhaps I should just settle for holding a conversation for the moment!  I have a feeling I’m going to fail on all three counts, however I’m not going to (fail) on the blog posting just yet!

I’m a member of a local camera club and during the summer we try to head out once a month as a group to somewhere nice for an evening of photo taking.  I occasionally post the odd pic from this on either my Flickr or Instagram, but I thought it would be nice on this occasion to post a gallery of the shots taken throughout the 2014 season.

The weather is often against us, but we try to make the most of what we’ve got.  I hope you like.  I’m looking forward to another summer of meetings in 2015.